cosmic starflower universe x white light

digital mosaic hybrid of “cosmic starflower universe” (22 x 22 inches, watercolor) and “white light” (12 x 12 inches, watercolor, color pencil, acrylic)

digital tea

traditional x digital hybrid art series – traditional origin art (drawing or photography) transformed into the digital and then the image coding is edited carefully until satisfactory enhancement is achieved and also the undo function works well to recorrect any catastrophic destruction and avoid futile corruption resulting from the editing process so data integrity is maintained while happy alterations are made eventually anyway

digital tea
magic relay tea garden
teapets 2020 2021 2022
dream peaches tea
conduit tree
ginger lovers tea
teddy bear mermaid tea
cherry bomb tea
rainbow tea party

all the colors of the rainbow can be found in nature and consumed in the form of a natural drink – tea – the infusion of matter into liquid, preserving the core essence and spirit while doing away with the hassle of the insoluble matter

green = matcha tea
yellow = lemon ginger turmeric honey saffron tea
orange = ceylon black tea
red = hibiscus tea
purple = lavender hibiscus butterfly pea apple cider vinegar tea
blue = butterfly pea flower tea