digital tea

traditional x digital hybrid art series – traditional origin art (drawing or photography) transformed into the digital and then the image coding is edited carefully until satisfactory enhancement is achieved and also the undo function works well to recorrect any catastrophic destruction and avoid futile corruption resulting from the editing process so data integrity is maintained while happy alterations are made eventually anyway

digital tea
magic relay tea garden
teapets 2020 2021 2022
dream peaches tea
conduit tree
ginger lovers tea
teddy bear mermaid tea
cherry bomb tea
rainbow tea party

all the colors of the rainbow can be found in nature and consumed in the form of a natural drink – tea – the infusion of matter into liquid, preserving the core essence and spirit while doing away with the hassle of the insoluble matter

green = matcha tea
yellow = lemon ginger turmeric honey saffron tea
orange = ceylon black tea
red = hibiscus tea
purple = lavender hibiscus butterfly pea apple cider vinegar tea
blue = butterfly pea flower tea


In the protoverse, the original universe, life is a terrible sort of nature. Ruled by frequency and feeling, the senses are constantly overwhelmed. Constant vibration results in a universe of relentless sensation that demands instant gratification infinitely. The senses (sight, hearing, smell, feeling, taste) are all combined into one that rules mercilessly over any resemblance of intelligence.

We are blessed to have our senses separated, to have our primal vibrational frequency senses cut off, so that we can appreciate the moment, the stillness of being. We are numb to the world around us, only taking it in in sections, allowing us to appreciate beauty (sight) music (sound) food (taste) comfort (feeling) perfume (smell) separately. This numbness and separation allows us to appreciate everything for what it is, creating a meditation on existence, a kind of intelligence that would be extremely rare in the protoverse.

However, the addicting qualities of vibrational frequency in the protoverse resulted in beings who are slaves to their sensation, their feeling of everything around them. In a constant urge to feed their primal needs (pleasure, power, hunger, pain), they cannot just be at peace. They must always be on the move to feed themselves. They are animals.

As far as we know, they cannot sleep and they cannot die. There is no resting time in the protoverse. There may be no such thing as time itself there. Instead, time is merged into space and frequency. This creates a terribly misfortunate balance of power.

Imagine in our universe if there were individuals who could see into our future and manipulate events to serve their own needs. This is most likely how spacetime works in the protoverse, where your experience of time is linked to your vibrational frequency speed and abilities. More powerful beings move (vibrate) faster than less powerful beings. By utilizing their own superior vibrational abilities, they can see the future and past of less powerful beings and manipulate these inferior beings’ “sightline” or “timeline” to serve their own needs. The slower the creature, the less they are in control of their destiny.

We are lucky to all perceive time generally the same way in our universe. This collective experience of us all being on relatively the same frequency creates what we understand as the passing of time, allowing us all to make our own destinies. This also allows us to perceive a solid sort of existence. If the vibrational frequency changes too much in relation to our own frequency, objects, people, places can disappear and reappear as they ascend or descend to faster or slower speeds. In the protoverse, faster beings can perpetually and invisibly nudge slower beings onto the desired pathway, effectively building these slower beings’ futures and creating different degrees of enslaved beings.

An analogy to this in our universe would be the comparison of us humans (fast, powerful beings) to plants (slow-growing, weak beings). Plants are slow-changing in place compared to humans who can move and change very quickly. As a result, we can prune plants into the shapes we desire of them. They cannot do the same to us because they are much slower. If they are alive and conscious with a soul, they may live their own complex lives without even being aware of us, their pruners. We can see their past (dead or old limbs) their present (sections where they are most alive) and their future (buds and the trajectory they are headed to grow in). Similarly, in the protoverse, faster beings can very easily see the plant-like form of an inferior being’s timeline and can manipulate it, without the inferior being ever being aware of it.

Unfortunately in the protoverse, slavery is the norm. There is a hierarchy of power. There is no freedom and equality is only a fantasy. At the very top, the most powerful beings war perpetually to dominate each other and all lower life forms. In our world, we are all more equal than we will probably ever realize. Our reality is the heaven compared to the hell of the protoverse.

The all-consuming sensations of the protoverse deliver the most blissful pleasures and horrendous pains. These beings can effectively experience what we would consider everlasting life or immortality. If their primal needs are met, they can constantly grow more powerful forever, never getting old or disintegrating. Most beings can escape fatal injury by ascending or descending speeds, going backward in timeline, and by regeneration.

Instead, the order of the hierarchy is maintained by much crueler means than death. States of vibrational torture can be inflicted on those being punished or kept in line perpetually or for as long as needed. Power struggles and law sentencing can result in lower, less powerful beings being absorbed by more powerful beings, creating a multi-soul being with the most powerful souls dominating the lower ones in what could be an endless struggle and battle of wills or easy rule depending on the levels of power and personality at conflict. Conversely, separation of a soul or combined souls can also occur. Great care must be taken in combination or separation to avoid psychiatric trauma.

The protoverse is filled with energy. Everything is energy and everything is full. It would be like walking in soup, a breathable soup, underwater. There is no sense of emptiness. This feeling of “space” and “emptiness” and “silence” that we experience is due to our numbness, having our feeling of the world around us cut off. We cannot feel the chair across the room, nor the person down the hall. In the protoverse, you would not need to “see” something to know that it’s there, you could simply feel them, sense them, feel their vibration from a distance. You could close your “eyes” and be able to identify your environment based on feeling. You could shut your “ears” and still understand communication in what might feel like instantaneous telepathy.

The protouniverse is always screaming. we are numb in our world, and can appreciate this quiet, our sleep.